Centre for the Analysis of Administrative-Political Processes and Institutions

The Centre for the Analysis of Administrative-Political Processes and Institutions (‘CAAPPI’) was established on 7 September 2009 as part of the Institute of Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The CAAPPI covers research activity in the following areas: comparative public administration, local government, political leadership, comparative civil service systems, and administrative-political processes and institutions. The field of public administration has been an independent science at the Faculty of Social Sciences at all three levels of the pedagogical process for many years. With the establishment of the CAAPPI, the disciplines mentioned above finally obtained a separate research centre. The CAAPPI’s main role is to develop fundamental and applied administrative and/or political science (that has sometimes struggled a little in Slovenia during the last few decades), to develop different applied (sub)disciplines in the field of public administration and international comparative research and, finally, to maintain international co-operation in European and the wider international space.

From 2015 onward we have established special unit inside CAAPPI, called Local Government Research Unit at University of Ljubljana (LGRU-UL), centre of excellence for theoretically informed, robust and rigorous policy relevant research into Slovenian, Central and Eastern European (CEE) and comparative local governance. International and comparative work of LGRU-UL focuses on public governance, local political leadership, community cohesion and local citizenship, neighbourhood governance, local democracy and local politics.

The head of the CAAPPI for the 2017–2021 period is Professor Miro Haček, PhD. The other members of the CAAPPI are Professor Marjan Brezovšek, PhD and Assistant Professor Simona Kukovič, PhD. In 2021, CAAPPI is conducting three bilateral research projects (with partners in the US, Austria and Lithuania), research on administrative capacity in Slovenian municipalities, cooperation in COST network actions "ProSEPS" and "ConstDeb", all members of CAAPPI are also members of research program Defence Science in 2021. From January 2010 on, the CAAPPI is also co-publisher of the scientific journal »Journal of Comparative Politics«, which starting from January 2010 is published exclusively in electronic form and is now abstracted in WoS ESCI, Scopus IF (CiteScore 1.0 for 2020), Erih Plus, IBSS, International Political Science Abstracts, ProQuest, EBSCO and other databases.